Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Evolution in Sterling

Not every Bead Idea can be turned into a tangible piece, while some pieces not only work but evolve into more things.  Caricaturing a subject is one approach to making distinctive beads. By emphasizing some element, such as is done with lighthouses where their stripes or other distinctive elements are made more obvious, a tall object can fit the 10mm general size of beads. Subsequently, one light house can become many others with the addition of patterns, by making it six sided instead of round or by adjusting the shape or size of the lantern room.

Other potential bead subjects are best done in miniature without exaggeration, as with our Horse and Carriage and Horse and Surrey Beads. These two-piece beads capture all the distinctive features and many of the subtleties, too. By removing the wheels and adding runners the Carriage has evolved into a Sleigh hitched to the same team for a seasonally delightful ride!

Evolution for the Carriage did not stop with a Sleigh. Using the same basic idea, the Carriage soon developed a shape reminiscent of the Red Popcorn Wagon well known to visitors to Sandusky, Ohio. Its general shape recalls numerous other venders of sweet treats and savory victuals. We suspect it will have numerous other incarnations.

Beads have proven that the only real limit to what we can make is our imagination. Bernard thinks everything is worth a try!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Something for almost everyone

It's never possible to please everyone, especially when it is a matter of personal style. From the earliest days, Bernard has tried, where possible to offer more than one style option. His Nautical Collection  has always emphasized accurate miniature reproductions, whether Starfish, Sand Dollars or Anchors and done in a range of sizes. The Aero-Gold line includes both common and uncommon reproductions, the Wright Flyer, A-10 Warthog, and Zenith 601, all created with extreme attention to detail.

The same attention to diversity of taste and need is continued in RellerGold's selection of bracelets suitable for Bead wear—attractive, broad and functional. Wheat Chain, Cable, Caribbean-style Hook and even Braided Leather provide extravagant, elegant and basic options.

Marine quality Stainless Steel Cable becomes a work of beauty upon which Beads can be worn. Whether enhanced with a striking Black Titanium finish or exclusive New Twist™ design, these Cable Bracelets make a dramatic statement when adorned with a well-chosen Bead Collection.

RellerGold's long production of Caribbean-Style Hook Bracelets made them an obvious choice as Bead Bracelets. Adding a threaded end to the just-right-size Bracelets makes the addition of Beads a simple matter. A variety of threaded ends are available, including one wrapped in 14K Gold wire for an added touch.

The Signature Wheat Chain offers a traditional Charm Bracelet approach to Beads and is based on about 75 years of experience making souvenir charms! The Granulated End-Caps are threaded and allow Beads to be added from either end.

Braided Leather and Sterling Silver offers casual elegance that easily matches the spirit of RellerGold's Whimsical and Playful Beads.

Of course, Bracelets created by RellerGold are compatible with all major brands of Beads. They are available directly from RellerGold and from select Retailers.

Friday, September 16, 2011

What's new? A Lizard, a Light and Flowers

Cute. Whimsical. Even adorable. Never one to walk wholly in the mainstream, Bernard Reller continues to develop Beads that, simply put, are not just beads. Following in the wake . . . path . . . of his Hatching Sea Turtle, Two-piece Carriage and Surrey and BiPlane with rotating propeller, comes Katie the Iguana, Round Island Light and Hibiscus Beads.

Katie graces a Bead created exclusively for FreebirdCreations on the U.S. Virgin Island of St. Thomas. The ubiquitous Gecko is a popular image on all sorts of jewelry and Katie should be a popular addition to their collection.
Round Island Light is well known to anyone crossing the Straits of Mackinac. Preserved and restored the distinctive structure was recreated in Sterling Silver as part of the growing collection commissioned by Teysen's of Mackinaw City.

Reduced in size to 10mm, then enameled in life-matching red, yellow or white, Reller's new Hibiscus Bead captures a moment of true-top-life beauty. It joins the "generic" Bead selections and should be popular for anyone wanting to add a flash of color to their Bead Bracelet.

Friday, August 26, 2011


We watch with dread as Irene lumbers northward along the East Coast. Many old and new customers from OBX to Cape Cod must face the worst the Nature has to offer. We offer hope for less destruction and damage than weather pundits predict.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Business is good . . .

OK, here's the simple explanation for the lack of activity on your blog. Wow! the reception for our beads was amazing. Even now we are just filling orders for Caribbean customers whose season commences soon. An interesting sidebar is that Troll's booth was across the aisle from ours and they seemed to spend more time watching our slide show and steady flow of customers than serving their own customers.

Until recently, we found it necessary to work overtime, doing at least 5 1/2 days a week and sometimes more. The demand put a heavy burden on your small crew, but we managed to weather the wonderful storm and have added many new customers.

If there is any drop-off in the demand for bead we are not witnessing it. Most of your in-season customers are adding inventory in anticipation of their Labor Day Weekend. Several customers are promoting their custom beads as Christmas presents by adding online purchasing, flyers in bags and email lists. The price point and variety of beads seems to be keeping them as a viable purchase. We chose to maintain our pricing despite Silver's increased cost. This pleased customers and it seems like it was the right thing to do considering the current economic outlooks.